terms & conditions

DO-MY-EDIT Terms and Conditions

1.) Payment for editing must be paid by PayPal, Credit or Debit card prior to uploading content. Editing will not start on any content sent in prior to payment in full.

2.) DO-MY-EDIT reserve the right to refuse editing requests. In these circumstances clients will receive a full refund.

3.) The editing fee of £75.00 is subject to client(s) meeting the following criteria:

   - No more than 2 hours of footage may be uploaded in total per film.

   - 1 list of changes may be submitted after viewing the first version sent by DO-MY-EDIT to the client(s). Additional changes are subject to a cost that DO-MY-EDIT may determine. Additional changes will not be made without client(s) full consent and payment beforehand.

   - DO-MY-EDIT will inform the client of the first day of editing when all content has been uploaded. Client(s) may not send additional content once editing has begun unless agreed so by DO-MY-EDIT.

4.) The client(s) allows DO-MY-EDIT to display any finished film for promotional and demonstration purposes, including advertising, websites, social media, printed media, etc unless otherwise stated in writing by the client(s).

5.) After the editing has finished, DO-MY-EDIT will delete all client(s) media apart from the final film. At this time any originals may be returned to the client(s) at their shipping expense.

6.) No refunds will be given to the client(s) unless agreed by DO-MY-EDIT. Whilst every effort will be made by DO-MY-EDIT to supply the client(s) with a satisfactory product based upon DO-MY-EDIT's advertised style, and to the specified requirements agreed beforehand, all editing and post production will be carried out to DO-MY-EDIT's discretion.

7.) Commercial music must be licenced and paid for by the client. DO-MY-EDIT will only use non-commercial and royalty free music unless otherwise requested. DO-MY-EDIT take no responsibility for any films being removed or rejected from social media sites uploaded to by the client(s). DO-MY-EDIT final films are for personal and non commercial use only.

8.) DO-MY-EDIT reserve the right to extend the 7 day film delivery time should circumstances arise that require this. Client(s) will be informed of any delays and the reasons for these with monetary refunds being offered in some but not all instances.

9.) Editing will not commence until all footage has been uploaded by the client(s). The client must inform DO-MY-EDIT that all footage has been uploaded. The client may then expect the first film in 7 days from this final upload date. DO-MY-EDIT will not edit footage sent in after this agreed date or may do so for an offered additional cost that must be agreed and paid for by the client in order to approve.