#1 Will it work on my instagram?

Yes. Most people will watch your video on their phone so we can optimise your video to look the best on apps like instagram, facebook and twitter. To see what different video sizes look like on a phone click HERE.

#2 my event was filmed on ALL different cameras, does that matter?


No problem. We can edit videos together that were filmed on lots of different devices. Whether its a phone, gopro, tablet or camcorder we'll convert them and make it work. Get in touch with us here if you have any concerns.

#3 my event isn't ordinary, can you really do anything?


Extraordinary you could say? If you've got video to give us, we can make your film. Get in touch with us if you have anything you think might be complicated or hard to explain. From a Bar Mitzvah to a Bar Crawl. We'll do your edit.


#4 how do i privately send you my videos?

The best and most secure way is by using an encrypted folder link that we'll email to you after you book. If you'd prefer posting us a hard drive or memory stick that's ok too but we'd ask you encrypt it first (we can help with this if needed).

Once your film is finished and you're happy we'll get any originals back to you and delete all the files from our computers to keep up with 2020 GDPR regulations. 

#5 I'm not sure what I'm doing, can you help?


Absolutely. If you've got any queries we're here to solve them. Some of our clients know exactly how long they want their film to be and to what music they want, but many like seeing what we come up with and just send in clips! It's completely up to you and the team will be in touch after booking to check you're happy. We also have guides on how to film different events and holidays and will offer them tailored to you after you book.


#6 can i have more than one edit?

Hell yeah. We often get people that want a 'Directors Cut' that's usually a much longer version of the same event. We could do you a 10 minute and a 1 minute version of your wedding for example. We've had stag and hen do's that want a 'group chat' edit and a 'facebook public' edit.

Don't worry, we've got you. For multiple edits get in touch before booking as pricing may change depending on what you're looking for.



Yep. We'll send you what we think is a right good little film but if you aren't keen on certain bits or the way it looks we'll happily change it for you. Send us a list of changes and we'll get them done in no time. The first list of changes is included in the service but any more and you'll need to check with us about costs.


#7 how quick can i get it back?

We normally take just 7 days to finish your film but if you need it even quicker have a chat with us and we'll let you know what we can do!

#8 can you just film it for me too?


Although we specialise in editing we are all camera operators too. If you want something filming drop us a message and we'll let you know if we're available and what that'd cost.

#9 where are you based?


Our main office is in the UK but we edit videos for people all over the world. The internet has no borders so if you're reading this from elsewhere we'd still love to make your film!


#10 why would i pay you when i could do it myself?

You could. But editing isn't easy and takes a lot of time. We believe our professional experience can make a film that you, your family & friends will love. Let us put in the time while you sit back and relax. Most people that film events never look back at the footage, with our highlight edits you'll be watching it back for years to come.